Dear Exhausted Pregnant Mama,

You are not alone. You are not a bad person/mom. And I'm pretty sure you're NOT an absolute psycho :)

Made-for-pregnancy bedtime yoga routines that help you turn off your brain, relieve pain naturally, and breathe easier.

Because you no doubt understand the importance of a good night's sleep and getting out of your head - but there's a huge problem.

You're too tired and wired at the end of the day to rest even when you have the opportunity.


  • 😴 Your mind wants your body to sleep, but you literally cannot sleep no matter what position you do.

  • 💻 You're drained after a full day of work and still expected to do everything without complaint while feeling like a big ass gorilla.

  • 🛌🏼 You can no longer lay on your belly, can't lie on your hips on either side for long without waking up, and you're terrified to sleep on your back.

  • 💤 And what's worse, when you actually get plenty of sleep during the night and take an hour nap, you still feel like a Mack truck ran you over. You can't function at all, except you have to start work in 15 minutes.

  • Oh, yea... plus you're told it's normal and to slow down... true?

You want to sleep?

Let me help you get more sleep this pregnancy.


Real Sleep Every Trimester

The healthy pregnant woman's solution for beating insomnia, getting better sleep, and having more energy than ever without struggling or taking pills during all stages of pregnancy.

Real Sleep Every Trimester includes 3 prenatal yoga bedtime routines that distill the very best research-backed, pregnancy-tested yogic sleep techniques into easy and safe positions you can apply directly to your bedtime routine. It's designed to help you quickly and permanently improve your sleep habits, gain more energy, and feel better than ever.

Organized into three self-contained paths, each with modifications for your growing baby that cover everything you need to know to master each aspect of your sleep process. Real Sleep every Trimester will show you exactly what to do to tackle what you're struggling with most.

Guided by a real Mom who's been there ...

Who gently reminds you that each practice is enough, that each one COUNTS as legit yoga, legit self-care, and legit ways you can be a better YOU and Mom.

Hi. I'm Jennica.

I started teaching Prenatal Yoga in 2017 and have since helped dozens of tired mamas get better sleep, relieve pain naturallyand have more energy to focus.

But it wasn't always that way.

In fact, 5 years ago, I was like you. 

My first pregnancy was the hardest.

I was labeled "high-risk," which led to late nights worrying in hopes of avoiding a looming induction.

And I struggled with an old pelvic injury that seemed to get worse the bigger my belly got so sleep didn't come easy.

Not to mention,  a demanding job that kept me up at night because I planned to keep it.

As most new moms know, our time is consumed with worry, excitement, and a drive to do-it-all before baby comes often at the sacrifice of our own health.

I was running on fumes. 

And not in a good place to make any big decisions for myself or my precious baby.

Yoga was my ticket to a full night's sleep,  clearing my headspace, and gaining pain-free days so I could feel good about my evolving plans. This rinse and repeat cycle led to a perfect-for-me pregnancy, birth, and work-life dream. 

(Psst...You can get good sleep too!)

It's my mission to help you go from just getting through pregnancy - to actually gaining ground (with more energy and focus than ever)

Let's say goodbye to "I Just Can't Sleep" and hello to more energy and less pain.

If you ever said you would do XYZ if you weren't so tired of being pregnant...

now you won't be.

So what's exactly included in Real Sleep Every Trimester?

Three self-contained paths that cover what you need to know to have higher quality sleep.

  • Path 1: Turn off your brain

    Clear your mind, ease your body to sleep, and reduce the time it takes to fall asleep with this gentle 40-minute prenatal bedtime yoga routine that appeals to all trimesters so you can quiet your mind at night.

  • Path 2: Relieve Body Aches

    Safely and more comfortably relieve common pregnancy pains as you prepare for bed in this 45-minute session that starts standing to help release your low back and enhance your self-awareness as the belly grows. This practice ends with you completely relaxed in bed.

  • Path 3: Breathe Easier

    Calm those Mama-to-be jitters and get some sleep when you're feeling nervous and excited with this 23 minute short and sweet prenatal yoga routine that's targeted for the tail-end of your healthy pregnancy when sleep is most important.

Here's what students say:

Alize Holt, 36 Weeks Pregnant

The day after her first bedtime yoga class, my student Alize shared "I was able to sleep through the entire night for the first time in ages."

Raydiance Clarke, Elementary Educator, First Time Mom

"I started when I was 12 weeks pregnant and kept coming back because of Jennica's energy, the dialogue during each class, and how I felt after. It's a great experience that helps calm those Mommy-to-be jitters. It just feels right for my baby and I."

Kendal Ferguson, 26 weeks pregnant with a 4-year-old

"My back and hips felt much better after class, and I felt so much more relaxed than when I started (had a rough morning with my 4-year-old). Very much looking forward to taking another class."

Tamanna Singh, Tired Pregnant Yoga Teacher

"This prenatal yoga class put me back to sleep quite nicely."

The Healthiest Way to relax, clear your mind, & prepare for a newborn.

No more lost sleep

Feel well-rested, calm, and have more energy than ever this pregnancy.

Plus 3 Extras

  • Fall Asleep Instantly

    Nod off faster with 5 safe-for-pregnancy sleep-inducing yoga poses in this short and sweet 12-minute practice led by a former Maternity Nurse. Includes modifications for every trimester.

  • Get Back to Sleep Fast

    Easily go back to sleep without struggling during the middle of the night with this 15-minute guided meditation that includes breathing and relaxation techniques for pregnancy that actually work.

  • Sleep Safe and Comfy

    Stop tossing and turning when you discover three new positions for every type of sleeper (side, back, and tummy) that you can put to use every trimester while keeping both you and your baby safe.

This is for you if ...

  • You're serious about having a great pregnancy not ruined by sleep deprivation.

  • You're wise enough to know only you can give your baby the best possible growing environment.

  • You appreciate that some parts will be for you, others won't. And that's ok.

  • You're an action-taker.

  • You believe that sleep is even more important during pregnancy as the quality of sleep you're getting not only affects you but also your growing baby.

This is NOT for you if ...

  • You accept poor sleep during pregnancy as a matter of fact.

  • Would rather take a pill or rely on someone else to solve your insomnia.

  • Think self-healing is a luxury and only for hippie-dippie women who have extensive support and lots of free time.

  • Prioritize money and feeling miserable over taking care of yourself.

  • You're not willing to show up AND tune into you and your baby.

Be your own sleep expert now

so when you're told to "soak up as much sleep as you can before the baby comes," it's not a cliché but your lifestyle.

We both know sleep alone doesn't make you a good mom. 

Quality time with your baby does. 

That's why these classes are all about tuning into you. 

I want to help you prioritize an ongoing connection with your body and your baby in addition to having more sweet dreams.

When you click the "YES, I WANT THIS!" button, you'll finally have the tools to go to sleep without struggling so you can focus on your passions, your baby, and both your growth.

All this for only $38 which is less than the cost of a maternity pillow.

There's no better time than right now.

With Real Sleep Every Trimester, expect your energy during the day to increase quality time with loved ones and have no trouble focusing on what's most important to you because you slept like a baby - no more exhaustion.


  • This sounds great but I’m only 8 weeks pregnant. Is it too early to start? I don’t want to jinx it.

    We completely understand. We don't want you to jinx it either which is why we created this program. Setting your mind at ease so you can handle anything that comes your way is one of our top goals. Plus, once you invest, you'll have access for as long as the program exists. The sooner you get started, the better💯

  • What if I can’t commit to long yoga sessions?

    Practicing yoga for sleep during pregnancy is like eating healthy - you don't need an all or nothing mentality. Even if one session helps you get your best night’s sleep - it will be worth it. We also give you shorter 5-15 minute sessions for the nights when you don’t have a lot of time.

  • What if I’m not a yoga-person?

    Don’t worry, this just means you just haven’t found the right yoga guide yet. If the only thing stopping you from investing in your sleep with a little yoga is that your other yogi attempts haven’t worked out, then remember this quote from Marilyn Monroe: “Just because you fall once, doesn't mean you'll fall at everything. Keep trying, hold on, and always trust yourself, because if you don't then who will??”

  • What if I decide this isn’t for me?

    Appreciate that some parts will be for you, others won't. And that's ok. Due to the nature of digital products and the low price point, we do not offer refunds.

  • Why is it only $38? What’s the catch?

    We want this to be the easiest decision you make during pregnancy to help you start getting your best sleep during pregnancy. Plus, if you like our “Real Sleep Every Trimester", you'll love "Get Zen Before Birth"

  • Why is so much included for so little money when other sleep solutions cost so much more?

    We really do want you to fully relax during pregnancy and we know money is limited. After you join, we will ask you to invest in "Get Zen Before Birth" because that's key to our mission- your growing family's best beginning.

  • After I pre-order, when will I get access?

    Within two business days, you'll receive your first sleep video and a new one every couple of days until you are satisfied. Our goal is to having you sleeping soundly as quickly as possible.

You want to sleep...

I can help but only you can take the first step.