Hi. I’m Jennica.

Your virtual Prenatal Yoga Teacher in Joshua Tree, California who believes every birth is perfect with the right mindset. Welcome to my mama studio!

About Me

I have two boys (ages 2, 4) and a newborn girl. Each new baby reminds me that I am more than capable of giving birth without expectations nor regret- this is what perfect childbirth means to me. Psst...You can too!

About You

You need more than knowledge to give birth the way you want and put to use all the tools you know could benefit you. Clear a comfy space to lay out your mat anytime, and enter to find the guidance and motivation you need to relax and calm those mama-to-be jitters.

It all starts with your mind.

Bid farewell to worrying when you know how to trust yourself before giving birth. See you on the mat. Much Love and Joy, Jennica